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My name is Paresh Mayani, and I’m a full-time android application developer and speaker, currently working as Senior Software Engineer at InfoStretch Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I have been playing with android application development since more than 5 years.

I am passionate about Google technologies and my this passion brought me to lead Google Developers Group Ahmedabad, India. I am actively supporting Android developers community in India and worldwide be it through my blog or through StackOverflow. With the passion of sharing, I have conducted Android workshops in various engineering colleges/universities in India and also delivers Android talks in couple of Android events like Android Developer Days and NitroDroid.

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Speaking engagements

Upcoming talks:

Year 2014:

Year 2013:

  • IIITM Gwalior – “2 days Android Workshop in Infotsav 2013″ (16th/17th Nov)
  • GDG Ahmedabad“Android Bootcamp (Database 101)” (5th Oct, 2013)
  • GDG Kathmandu DevFest 2013“Android Studio – Introduction & Live demo” (28th Sept, 2013) – Slides
  • GDG Kathmandu DevFest 2013 “Latest and Interesting updates on Android Platform” (28th Sept, 2013) – Slides
  • GDG Baroda“Introduction to Android” (8th Sept, 2013) – Slides
  • IEEE DAIICT Summer school’13“7 days Android workshop” (June 2013)
  • Wordcamp Baroda“Securing WordPress Blog” (26th Jan 2013) – Slides
  • GDG Rajkot“Android workshop for College faculty” (18th Jan, 2013)
  • GDG Indore“Android code lab” (12th Jan, 2013) – Slides

Year 2012:

  • Ganpat University“Two Days Workshop on Android Application Development” (10th/11th Feb, 2012)
  • Ganpat University“Android Workshop” (12th Sept, 2012)
  • GDG Ahmedabad“Android ListView” (15th Sept, 2012) – Slides
  • GDG Gandhinagar DevFest 2012“Getting started with Android” (22th Sept, 2012)
  • NitroDroid 2012“Web API & Its integration in Android” (6th oct 2012) –Slides
  • Ahmedabad University“Android workshop” (Oct 2012)
  • GDG DA-IICT“Getting started with Android” (13th Oct, 2012)
  • GDG Ahmedabad“Android boost up session” (15th Dec, 2012)

Formal GDG talks:

  • Gday India, Mumbai 2012 – Introduction of GDG Program
  • GDG Gujarat Activities – Google India Community Summit 2013

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