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My name is Paresh Mayani, a full time mobile application developer with 5 years of apps development experience, has been working on android application development since Cupcake. Over the span of period, I have worked on challenging projects which enabled me to lean, explore, implement new and challenging things and play roles in almost every aspects of the software development, which includes Android application development and complete it as per SDLC and writing extensive unit test for the android application.

As an avid Open source enthusiast, I have been Organizing events as well as blogging, speaking and mentoring on Android related topics since 2010. I am a frequent speaker at conferences such as Android Developer Days (Droidcon Ankara), DevFest and NitroDroid, on topics ranging from android development best practices, Android BLE. I have also been giving my honorary service to Google by being an Organizer/Manager of Google Developers Group Ahmedabad. I have been actively supporting fellow android developers and there by android developers community in India and worldwide be it through my technical blog TechnoTalkative (have published >150 articles) or through StackOverflow (holding >60,000 reputation).

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Speaking engagements

Year 2015:

Year 2014:

Year 2013:

  • IIITM Gwalior – “2 days Android Workshop in Infotsav 2013” (16th/17th Nov)
  • GDG Ahmedabad“Android Bootcamp (Database 101)” (5th Oct, 2013)
  • GDG Kathmandu DevFest 2013“Android Studio – Introduction & Live demo” (28th Sept, 2013) – Slides
  • GDG Kathmandu DevFest 2013 “Latest and Interesting updates on Android Platform” (28th Sept, 2013) – Slides
  • GDG Baroda“Introduction to Android” (8th Sept, 2013) – Slides
  • IEEE DAIICT Summer school’13“7 days Android workshop” (June 2013)
  • Wordcamp Baroda“Securing WordPress Blog” (26th Jan 2013) – Slides
  • GDG Rajkot“Android workshop for College faculty” (18th Jan, 2013)
  • GDG Indore“Android code lab” (12th Jan, 2013) – Slides

Year 2012:

  • Ganpat University“Two Days Workshop on Android Application Development” (10th/11th Feb, 2012)
  • Ganpat University“Android Workshop” (12th Sept, 2012)
  • GDG Ahmedabad“Android ListView” (15th Sept, 2012) – Slides
  • GDG Gandhinagar DevFest 2012“Getting started with Android” (22th Sept, 2012)
  • NitroDroid 2012“Web API & Its integration in Android” (6th oct 2012) –Slides
  • Ahmedabad University“Android workshop” (Oct 2012)
  • GDG DA-IICT“Getting started with Android” (13th Oct, 2012)
  • GDG Ahmedabad“Android boost up session” (15th Dec, 2012)

Formal GDG talks:

  • Gday India, Mumbai 2012 – Introduction of GDG Program
  • GDG Gujarat Activities – Google India Community Summit 2013

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