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There are many cases when we have requirement and need to clone Git repository, at that time we have to clone repository by using Git Client, FYI I have installed Git GUI client on my windows machine. By cloning this way, we have to import those project into eclipse manually. Now, What if there is a way directly by which we can have projects imported directly into Eclipse (or Android ADT or Android studio).

This article’s main aim is to show you step by step process to import projects from Git directly into Android ADT. Before following steps make sure you have installed Eclipse EGit in your Eclipse. If you have downloaded Android ADT Bundle then you don’t need to worry.

Eclipse EGit

Now, follow below steps to import project from any Git repository. FYI, we are going to clone and import Volley library, for which my next post is about :)

Step 1:
import android projects from Git

Step 2:
import Android projects from Git

Step 3:
import Android projects from Git

Step 4:
import Android projects from Git

Step 5:
import Android projects from Git

Step 6:
import Android projects from Git

Step 7:
import Android projects from Git

Paresh Mayani

Paresh Mayani is a lead android developer from India. Currently, He is Sr. Software engineer at InfoStretch Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has been developing android apps since very 1st version i.e. Android 1.5, he says he has seen days and nights of Android history. He is the Head/Organizer of Google Developers Group (GDG), Ahmedabad

  • corbsman

    I am new to android, so this may be a simple fix, but what do you do after importing Volley you receive the error “[2013-06-24 11:07:08 - Volley] Unable to resolve target ‘android-14′”

    • Adan Vasconcelos

      You should install API level 14. Open the Android SDK Manager and install Android 4.0 (API 14).

  • Nguyen Van Luan

    I followed all above steps and got this warning and error:

    WARNING: unable to write jarlist cache file C:UsersLuanNVgitvolleybinjarlist.cache

    ERROR: resource directory ‘C:UsersLuanNVgitvolleyres’ does not exist

    I also tried to add Volley library to VolleyExample project but no libraries displayed.
    I ‘ve tried some ways but no result.
    Do I need to install Eclipse Egit? I’m using Eclipse Indigo

    I also tried with Android ADT from ADT Bundle and got the same error

  • Amit Tanwani

    i have imported the library and am getting an error res folder Missing in my eclipse!