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This article i have written based on the usage of StackOverflow so far.

Here are some of my profiles:

  1. My StackOverflow profile
  2. My StackOverflow Career 2.0 profile
  3. Android Enthusiasts profile
  4. Android Top Users,  have you found me?
Why i am being glad to have such StackOverflow profile, you know?
I am just because that i have found stackoverflow site very much useful to the novice programmers like me and also to an experience one when he/she stuck at any silly/big problem in programming and dont know about the solution? And there may be chance that other peoples are knowing about the answer for the same problem. So StackOverflow is very much useful for such case.

And yes, i have started my career with intern at TechTeer systems where initially i was responsible for PHP application development, at that time i found no issues as i was having collegues working with me. But after that For my MCA (Master in Computer Application) Semester – 6 intern project, i got the application to be developed in Android and i was only one Android developer in the same company to work in Android.  I have struggled since 5-6 months to develop one application and almost done R&D for all the layouts and widgets.

But after that i got job at Digicorp Informations Systems Pvt. Ltd.  and one day Mr. Abhishek Desai(Founder of Digicorp) and Mr. Sagar Kothari(Iphone Developer)(Sagar’s StackOverflow Profile) were talking about the StackOverflow profile’s usefulness and purpose. And also I got the inspiration from Abhishek sir’s article on StackOverflow with titled as Developers: Start Building Your Reputation Now Before It’s Too late.

I had created a profile on the same day and i am using StackOverflow since that day.

Why i found StackOverflow very much useful?

At Digicorp, initially i was only working and responsible for the Android application development and nobody knowing about the Android Terms and concepts except some concepts. But so what? By having StackOverflow profile, i found many peers and collegues and even that is from Whole world…:) , what you say, isn’t it great thing?

Here, i am saying vote of thanks to StackOverflow team and Mr. Abhishek Desai (Sir)(Founder of Digicorp) for giving an inspiration idea to have such profile.

Abhishek sir has also written an article  on: Developers: Start Building Your Reputation Now Before It’s Too late.

From Abhishek sir’s article, I would like to repeat some sentence again here:

I know money is important and all but surely time will come in your life when it is not, reputation will be more important at that time and more money will not come without that.

So don’t just chase money earlier in your career (especially fresh developers in India), be in the race for building reputation as well, because in few years that will be the only thing which will count. Mark my word for that.

Paresh Mayani

Lazy android developer, exploring the horizon of android development since 7 years, currently working as a Technical Lead - Android at Simform Solutions, India. Former Application Architect at KarConnect. He is the Head/Organizer of Google Developers Group (GDG), Ahmedabad

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