Android – Get Brand name and Device name

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Here I am going to show how to fetch some device values:

1. Brand name of Android device (SDK Says:  The Brand the software is customized, if any)

=> Build.BRAND

2. Model number of Android device (SDK Says: Device name of Industrial Design)

=> Build.DEVICE

For exaple:

   TextView txtView = (TextView) findViewById(;
   txtView.setText("n Brand => "+Build.BRAND);
   txtView.append("n Device => "+Build.DEVICE);
Paresh Mayani

Lazy android developer, exploring the horizon of android development since 7 years, currently working as a Technical Lead - Android at Simform Solutions, India. Former Application Architect at KarConnect. He is the Head/Organizer of Google Developers Group (GDG), Ahmedabad

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