How to start with Android ? What softwares are Required ?

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Software Requirement to start development with Android

To start working with Android Development

First, you have to perform the following steps to install and run the Android Emulator:

  1. First Download the JDK and install it.
  2. Then download Android SDK (latest Version) from the below site:

  3. Before installing Android SDK , set the “Environment variable” of java,
    How ??? Follow this steps: Right click on “My Computer” -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment variables -> Select “Path” from system variables -> and paste the jdk path along with “Path” variables value, and press ok , ok
  4. Now Install the Android SDK
  5. After installling Android SDK, when “Android SDK and AVD Manager”, click on “Settings” where “check” the “Force https://…sources to be fetched using http://…
    then click on “Save and Apply”….
  6. “Android SDK and AVD Manager” , click on “Available Packages”, then click on “Refresh”…
  7. It will show you available options….then select the latest version of android SDK….
  8. After Installation Click on “Virtual Devices”, create “new” AVD ….
    Then Select the AVD and “Start” it….
  9. It will run the “Emulator” of android..
  10. .

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