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TechnoTalkative Birthday

Yeh….You are listening right TechnoTalkative is 1 year old now, its hosted on the same day a year back. During the span of 1 year, i have written 53 useful articles and there by blog is now having total 162 articles :), hope i am able to complete double century before 2013 🙂

Apart from writing article, i had managed hacking issue happened 3-4 months back, as i mentioned earlier, i lost all the snaps of tutorials/output/issue. Anyway, it was past 🙂

Published posts: 53 posts (Total 162 posts)

Blog Stats:

Visits per day: on and average 800 daily visits

Total Visits: Over 2 lakh total views (Yes its less (as per the daily visits) but its less due to hacking issue).

Busiest day: April 10, 2012 was the busiest day with 1887 visits

Followers: 53 Blog subscribers and 16 comments subscribers. Thank you all fans and followers.

Happy Diwali to all who are based in India 🙂 Have loads of fun and loads of masti !!

Thank You,
Paresh N. Mayani

Paresh Mayani

Lazy android developer, exploring the horizon of android development since 7 years, currently working as a Technical Lead - Android at Simform Solutions, India. Former Application Architect at KarConnect. He is the Head/Organizer of Google Developers Group (GDG), Ahmedabad

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