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Problem: How do i load images from web OR Loading of remote images.

This tutorial is going to be a demo for loading images resides at a remote location. For this tutorial, i have implemented AsyncTask to show prorgress bar until the whole image gets loaded fully.


FYI, i have made progress bar visible inside the onPreExecute() method. And performs the image loading operations inside the doInBackground() method. Once this operation is done, we will make progress bar invisible and make imageview visible with that loaded image inside the onPostExecute() method.

Download this example from here:

Paresh Mayani

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  • mikep

    thanks, this helps a lot. I notice android is using AysncTask, to load data from any type of HTTP request now. Im new to android. I am moving from desktop to mobile development, and I will continue my studies with your up to date information.

    • Paresh Mayani


  • andriangungon

    sir can I request? can you make please a tutorial for audio streaming like internet radio. Thank you in advance sir.