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Announcing… Reverse Engineering tutorial series

Reverse-engineering-android-applications Paresh is doing well with “lazy android developer” series where he has explored many tools and libraries, which are handy and can be useful while developing android application. You might be wondering who is this new author and what I am doing on TechnoTalkative? Well, I am Harsh Dattani, doing my Masters in Cyber Security, I have been playing with security related stuffs and I thought to document my knowledge and share it with community, with that I am happy to share that I will write a complete series on “Reverse Engineering Android Applications”.

Need of writing this series:

Human is fond of Reverse Engineering, just to discover why, and how things work?

Reverse engineering is nothing but a process to extract knowledge or useful information from any product, whether it’s applied while rebuilding a bike or a car or any human made product. [Reference: Wikipedia] Many of us mislead Reverse Engineering with Hacking! Reverse Engineering is not always performed with an evil purpose. As per Neilson report, US smartphones have an average of 41 apps installed which grows every next year. When we spend so much time with applications, its best to know which application is a Goodware or a Malware, which application is genuine or which app is having bad intent. Paresh has already written one part on Reverse Engineering android applications in his lazy android developers series, continuing with that article we will explore and talk about more such tools and techniques. In this series, we will focus on Reverse Engineering of Android applications using tools like Androguard. We will also discuss about:

  • Deep analysis using Androguard
  • Static code analysis, which is performed without executing the application and it validates each line of code and generates a report.
  • Compare and check if application is genuine or not, for the same we can use Androdiff that comes out of box in Androguard to compare two APK files.
  • Online app analysis services like Anubis and Dexter, also we will focus of forensic side of app data

This series will be having detailed articles on various tools and techniques, you can expect:

  • Part 1 => Reverse engineering using Androguard tools
  • Part 2 =>  Deep analysis using Androguard
  • Part 3 => Reverse engineering using other tools
  • Part 4 => Online tools for Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis
  • Part 5 => Reverse Engineering using Virtual Machines

Hope you will enjoy reading articles and learn lot many new stuffs!

Harsh Dattani

Freelance android developer, pursuing masters in Cyber Security and Co-organizer at Google Developers Group Baroda

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