Samsung Galaxy 3gt-i5801 is not being detecting in my pc => Repair Samsung USB connection

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Here is the original question that i have raised at Samsung Galaxy 3gt-i5801 is not being detecting in my pc.

Actually, Initially when i have purchased this phone, at that time i was developing applications and successful to run the applications on my phone. But after few days, phone is not being detecting by my pc. I have also purchased new cable as i doubted the data cable that it may be damaged so.

After been long time Searching for a solution and tried a lot, i found a solution to Repair Samsung Phone’s USB connection.

1. Unplug the USB cable
2. On the cell phone, dial the following number: *#7284# Once the last # is hit, the PhoneUtil application is launched. Choose USB -> Modem and then USB -> PDA mode. The good mode should be PDA. Even if the mode is PDA, switch to Modem and then back to PDA.
3. Plug the USB cable.

This is not only for Samsung Galaxy 3 – Android phone, but it is also used to “Repair USB connection for any Samsung Anroid phone”


After received the Froyo update on my mobile GT-i5801, i have never received this issue yet. so this may be a issue till the Android 2.1 version.

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