Winner of State-Level Best Project competition – Success story of my MCA semester-5 project "Transpo – A mass transit information system portal" at Techteer systems

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Hi guys,

Here i am sharing this article on my “entry point to prefessional world”.

Why i am inspired to write this article?

As of this time, i am highly involved in Android application development at Digicorp Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., So suddenly one thing came in my mind that i should write “vote of thanx” article for Mr. Somdutt Ganguly and Mr. Sajid Sheikh (Both are founders of Techteer systems).

As part of my MCA(Master in Computer Application) academic activity i had to do projects in any IT company,¬† one day my one of friend Mr. Bharat Chaudhary had given me a reference of somdutt sir and sajid sir for having training in their company. I had talk with both and arranged interview, i went for it by next day. I was selected and employed as “Trainee Programmer”.

Now my actual professional journey started.

During MCA semester-5 time:
After got a chance to work with techteer systems, i got a chance to involve in php development. I was eagre to work in any technology, i jumped into the php learning and implementation. I was used to handle and work in a team of 3 members. Initially i was also not knowing about a bit point of php but.i got the books from somdutt sir and immediately i had started to learn and implement. After a week i came to know i am far ahead of my other team members in learning so then i had made them learn about php database operation. After a month of R&D, somdutt sir had made me understand the concept and requirements of projects to be develop by our team. I didnt get full idea until somdutt sir explained me twice as i hadnt work in this kind of big project.

After that i got tasks to develop admin section of this project as i used to submit the monthly reports in college regarding project tracking by my project co-ordinator Mr. Vinay Vachharajani (Prof. , Ahmedabad University). After that day by day i started to develop the admin section and i done with it. Once admin section is completed i had explained this all stuffs so far i implemented in project to my project co-ordinator, at that time vinay sir was also asking me continously what advantages will your company gets by developing this projects? Whats the requirements of this projects exactly? And many more…

Then after passing the requirements to vinay sir fully, vinay sir was also found more interests in my project as this is going to be innovative one. We had then prepared project documentation(actually this should be done first). I am really thankful to vinay sir for their great help during my project and vinay sir was always in tries to helped me. Thank you sir.

Now, after the completion of admin section, this projects front page design and development work came in front. Somdutt sir had assigned this work to designer team Mr. Farhan mansuri, Mr. Mohib Mansuri, Mr. Sahejan Sheikh, all of designers had done their great job and design a great portal.

Now i dont make you wait more, here is the project link, yes it is live:

As you can see, We had used Google Maps API for this project. I shocked when i came to know to implement map in project because i thought that how can is this possible to implement map kind of research because i assumed that this kind of work cam be mostly done by space researchers snd scientis but later on somdutt sir and sajir sir given me few links for maps research and implementation. I had developed many examples and practice the map, then slowly and gradually i built the actual map which was required to be included in this portal. Till i reach the completion stage of map part, farhan and sahejan was done with design part. Then i had started to integrate actual coding as according to design. Finally the date was arrived to present this project at college.

At college, i had presented this among mass students, friends  and with all faculties, professors, asst. Professors snd Director of my college. Everybody was shocked as my report contains >250 pages and it was not going to fit in college rule of 100 pages of report anyway but my report contains 100 pages of DFD, E-R diagram and Database only but still requirement specification, tools and technology used in project, users of projects and many other section are left to be included in report. But at the end i got the permission to have reports of required pages and it is 175 pages total and it is counting as largest project report so far.

My college had selected my project for the 1st rank and i got the Trophy and certificate for the same.

At the same day there were ice-cream party we had enjoyed at Techteer systems.

After the completion of this sem-5 project, somdutt sir had suggested me to do project in Android platform. Meanwhile learning about android, CSI had organized a “State level Best Project competition”, i got a mail from Prof. Aditya patel to take part in this competition. From my college, me and Miss Vigna Shah were only selected to present our projects in the same competition. Many participants had applied and taken part in competition. And finally competition was started and one by one presentor was giving presentation on their project and finally my turns came and i had explained my project concept/requirement/tools/technology and judges were their to give marks.

Finally, i was also selected “First” in “State Level Best Project Competition”…..:)

The reason behind success?
The main reason behind the success is “Team work” as usual, but you know our team work is totally different than other. My other team members were also present on many sunday. As their sacrifies this result we can achieve.

Thanx a lot to Mr. Somdutt Ganguly and Mr. Sajid Sheikh (Founders of Techteer systems) and also thanx to my team members Mr. Farhan Mansuri, Mr. Mohib Mansuri, Mr. Sahejan Sheikh for their designing involvment and thanx to Mr. Rizwan Memon for their valuable support during project. And yes how can i forget my project co-ordinator Mr. Vinay Vachharajani, thank you sir.

Still many things wanted to include here but dont want to make you bore…:)

Thanx for paying attention to this article.

Paresh Mayani

Lazy android developer, exploring the horizon of android development since 7 years, currently working as a Technical Lead - Android at Simform Solutions, India. Former Application Architect at KarConnect. He is the Head/Organizer of Google Developers Group (GDG), Ahmedabad

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