Unix – Calendar Sept 1752 – A surprising Fact in Unix

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I have found one amazing fact in Unix. i.e. 11 days missing in the month of September, 1752.

Why it is happened in the month of September 1752?

The Gregorian Reformation is assumed to have  occurred  in 1752  after the 2nd of September. By this time, most countries had recognized the reformation (although a  few  did not recognize it until the early 1900’s.) Eleven days following that date were eliminated by  the  reformation,  so the calendar for that month is a bit unusual.

The Gregorian reformation was adopted by the Kingdom of Great Britain, including its possessions in North America (later to become eastern USA), in September 1752. As a result the September 1752 cal shows the adjusted days missing. This month was the official (British) adoption of the Gregorian calendar from the previously used Julian calendar. This has been documented in the man pages for Sun Solaris as follows. “An unusual calendar is printed for September 1752. That is the month 11 days were skipped to make up for lack of leap year adjustments.”
Reference: Wikipedia, man pages
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